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#Tbt I miss my long hair lol #dress #pretty #longhair

#Tbt I miss my long hair lol #dress #pretty #longhair

If you don’t stan Jackson Wang you’re wrong right

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Kim Soo Hyun’s kissing habits; where he  grabs her (co-star’s) neck to embrace her in his passionate kiss. Jun Ji Hyun revealed in each moment of lip-contacting passion, Kim Soo Hyun would reach behind to hold the back of his counterpart’s neck in each scene.

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do you have the link to taemin running away from saesangs?

I reblogged the video, so it should be on my page. 

leave it up to kim jonghyun to be the only one in the panel to focus on and congratulate you on the sex

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june's smiles are so precious 

mino tries to intimidate jhoe before a game. and well… 

Mommy's boy Goo Junhoe
Mommy's boy Goo Junhoe

angel yixing forever sweet to the waiting fans~

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